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Invisible and Comfortable

If you are in the public eye or just at a social event, this is the perfect way to straighten your smile. Six-By-SixTM Aligners are clear and nobody except you will know you are wearing them

Amazingly Affordable

Because we control costs, we can offer aligners to your dentist at lower costs, thereby saving you money. Most insurance plans do not cover braces after 16 years of age and ours are affordable

A perfect smile
in Weeks.

Most dental misalignments can be corrected within a few weeks. However more severe misplacement may take longer but in either case, our aligners are invisible and com-fortable

For Adults & Adolescents

Adults who are professionals or in the public eye or have an active social life need to align their smile without drawing attention. Adolescents who had braces and did not wear their retainers will find Six-By-SixTM Ideal for a perfect smile

About Six-By-SixTM
Six-By-SixTM are made of hard, clear plastic and are strong yet flexible. You can wear them everywhere, even on dates or to meetings. Nobody will know you are wear-ing Six-By-SixTM
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A straight, bright smile is key to landing a great job, a great date, or even just to make you feel better about yourself. Straighter teeth are healthier—they do not trap food and allow you to keep your teeth cleaner and maintain fresh breath.
To become a participating dentist who can treat patients with non-complex mis-alignments you must register. However, there are no kits to buy. You already have what you need to provide a better service to your existing patients or to new pa-tients seeking your services as a participating dentist. Register to see all the benefits.


For men or women. Our aligners are affordable, comfortable and work to give you a better smile in weeks not years. They work gently and efficiently and our dentists can give you the smile you want. Even if you have not worn your retainers.

Who is Six-By-SixTM for?
Rotated Teeth
Gap Teeth